Aluminum alloy CNC anode ice skates support

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CNC, computerized CNC machine toolsCNC machine tool is an automatic machine tool equipped with program control system.The control system can process and decode the program specified by the control code or other symbolic instructions logically so that the machine can move and process the parts.English for CNC, also known as CNC machine tools, CNC lathes,Nc machining center is an efficient automatic machine tool composed of mechanical equipment and nc system.Its comprehensive ability is strong, with milling, boring, drilling, tapping, cutting thread and other functions in one device, so that it has a variety of technological means.With the continuous development of the world’s advanced manufacturing technology, the rapid development of ultra-high speed cutting, ultra-precision machining and other technologies, the continuous maturity of flexible manufacturing system and computer integrated system, the CNC machining technology has put forward higher requirements.

CNC lathes are mainly used for large scale machining of parts, the machining methods include external turning, boring, plane and so on.Can write procedures, suitable for mass production, production process automation is high.Since 1952, when Massachusetts institute of technology developed the world’s first CNC machine tool, CNC machine tool has been widely used in the manufacturing industry, especially in the automotive, aerospace, and military industries.


Plastic material ABS, PP, PC, PP+GF, PA, PA+GF, PS, POM, PMMA, PC, etc.
Steel of cavity & core 1, Depends on product, we help customer to choose the suitable material.
2,Commonly used material are P20,NAK80,718H,etc.
Steel of mold base 1,Depends on product, we will help customer to choose the suitable material.
2,Commonly used material is S50C.
Cavities Customized
Hardness of cavity & core 1,Pre-Hardness Steel: HRC 32 ~ 36.
2,Heat Treatment Steel: HRC 48~50.
Core pulling or ejection system 1,Depends on the product.
2,Commonly used : angel pin, oil cylinder, motor,stripping plate, ejector pin, etc.
Surface finish 1,Depends on the product.
2,Commonly used: Texture Hatching, EDM Hatching, Polishing, Diamond Polishing, etc.
Mold life Depends on the steel hardness and the plastic material.
Runner 1,Cold runner.
2,Hot runner.
Delivery time 1,Depends on the product size and structure.
2,The fastest first trial: 15-18 days after mold drawings approved.
Packing Standard Wooden Case.
Machine center CNC milling machine, CNC lathing machine, EDM, NC milling & lathing machine, etc.
Value-added services 1,Provide design optimization services.
2,Provide product file, prototype, mold design and final production with your sample,reduce your development cost and time.
Production Pilot run production and molding production.

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