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When it comes to plastic injection molding, maximizing the output is the key. Of course, quality is the key in ensuring that parts are produced consistently and accurately for customer’s needs. Moving from a single-cavity mold to a multi-cavities mold seems like an easy way to increase production volume and reduce part costs. This is true in many cases, but only if the right steps are taken and the requisite homework done first.

Designing a part for multi-cavities molding is not as simple as copying the drawing for a single-cavity mold multiple times. It should consider all the elements, such as material, shrinkage, draft angle, wall thickness and surface finish, etc. from the product design. Our professional team will provide value added services, like design optimization service, when the project start up. The most important is:efficient injection-molded part design is about reducing part costs. This is true whether you’re making 1,000 parts or 1 million. In order to shortcut the mold development, some designers and manufacturers jump feet first into multi-cavities tooling and skip the critical prototyping phase. Rex advises against this approach, Rex can provide the services of design optimization from the first stage to reduce your development cost and time.

Plastic material ABS, PP, PC, PP+GF, PA, PA+GF, PS, POM, PMMA, PC, etc.
Steel of cavity & core 1, Depends on product, we help customer to choose the suitable material.
2,Commonly used material are P20,NAK80,718H,etc.
Steel of mold base 1,Depends on product, we will help customer to choose the suitable material.
2,Commonly used material is S50C.
Cavities Customized
Hardness of cavity & core 1,Pre-Hardness Steel: HRC 32 ~ 36.
2,Heat Treatment Steel: HRC 48~50.
Core pulling or ejection system 1,Depends on the product.
2,Commonly used : angel pin, oil cylinder, motor,stripping plate, ejector pin, etc.
Surface finish 1,Depends on the product.
2,Commonly used: Texture Hatching, EDM Hatching, Polishing, Diamond Polishing, etc.
Mold life Depends on the steel hardness and the plastic material.
Runner 1,Cold runner.
2,Hot runner.
Delivery time 1,Depends on the product size and structure.
2,The fastest first trial: 15-18 days after mold drawings approved.
Packing Standard Wooden Case.
Machine center CNC milling machine, CNC lathing machine, EDM, NC milling & lathing machine, etc.
Value-added services 1,Provide design optimization services.
2,Provide product file, prototype, mold design and final production with your sample,reduce your development cost and time.
Production Pilot run production and molding production.





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Production Process

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Tracking and control

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