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Rex has established an integrated business model, enabling us to offer comprehensive one-stop solutions that cover the precision component, injection mold and production, assembly, etc. Our manufacturing capabilities cover the entire production process, from tooling design and manufacturing, injection, surface treatment to finishing, package, enabling us to offer ready-to-use products and services to customers. In addition to commercial production, we also offer a comprehensive suite of services catering to customer needs, ranging from design optimization, rapid prototype in early product development stage, continuous research and development support, logistics and other supply chain support.

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Qhov no yog ib tug tu cov khoom project uas muag rau Nyiajpoom Teb. Peb muab tus tsim optimization thiab thaum kawg qhov project no tuaj rau kev ua lag luam nrog cov uas tsis muaj nyiaj txiag.

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