1.The definition of injection mold
The mould used for plastic injection moulds is injection moulds,We referred to it as the injection mold.For plastic products with complex shapes, high dimensions or with inserts,It can take shape at a time.
 "Seven points mold, one-third of the process."For injection molding,the molds and injection molding machines have a great impact on the quality of the molding.It can even be said that the mold than the role of injection molding machine greater,It is difficult to obtain an excellent molded article if the mold is not fully understood at the time of injection molding.
2.The structure of injection mold
The structure of the injection mold is determined by the type of the injection molding machine and the structural characteristics of the injection molded parts.
 Each pair of molds are made up of dynamic molds and the fixed molds. The dynamic mold  is mounted on the moving plate of the injection molding machine, and the fixed mold is installed on the fixing plate of the injection molding machine;when Injection molding, the dynamic mode and the fixed mold will be closed after the formation of pouring system and cavity,When the mold is separated, the plastic parts remain in the moving mold,And then ejected by the ejection mechanism plastic parts disposed within the movable mold.
We can according to the role of different parts of the mold, a set of injection mold can be divided into the following parts:Forming parts/Gating system/Guide parts/Mold removal mechanism /Mold temperature adjustment system/Exhaust system and Other structural parts.