The principle of aluminum alloy CNC machining is to use the automatic control system to install the digital program flow command to control the CNC machine tool bearing automatic start and stop, change direction and speed can choose the CNC blade and according to the CNC blade to change the amount of knife and walking track to complete the life of the machining needs of various auxiliary actions.
Advantages of CNC machining of aluminum alloy:
1. Effectively remove the burr and beryllium front around the product, with good processing quality.
2, the use of high rigid tool body design, can inhibit vibration, make the workpiece surface precision, good gloss.
3. Unique blade groove design is conducive to the excretion of iron filings, making the surface of aluminum parts smooth and free from burrs.
4. Negative front corner blade, which can restrain tip breakage to the maximum.
5. The CNC machining of aluminum alloy can reduce the total number of tooling in large quantities, and produce and process the parts with complicated styles, only need to change the processing procedure.
6, The CNC machining of aluminum alloy  is relatively stable, will not make manual processing deviation, resulting in each aluminum alloy is not the same, or even defective.
7, The CNC machining of aluminum alloy can produce complex aluminum parts, and even can produce processing parts. And it also can produce a variety of varieties, production efficiency is high, save labor costs, can achieve a variety of production at the same time.