Injection Molding Services

Rex delivers high-quality, on-demand plastic injection molded parts. Injection molding is the cheapest process to make a plastic part at scale by offering consistent quality for mid-to-high volume manufacturing. Rex aims at providing a long term solution and services, moving beyond rapid prototyping, with dedicated project managers and engineering experts to communicate through all project stages from design to production.

    •  Availability of dedicated sales, customer support, design and project engineering teams to consult on projects

    •  Quality focused team and operations with inspection plan and control plan

    •  Multiple high-quality equipment and facilities dedicated to rapid mold production and injection molding, with sufficient capacity to meet surges in customer demand on short notice

    •  With the capacity of providing the design optimization to ensure the product functional and surface requirement, but lower the cost at the same time

Over the years, we have produced leading quality parts of industry fields range from the consumer and appliance industries to the automotive industry, and from the military and defense industry to the medical industry. Start your project now.


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