The rapid prototyping technology of prototype silicone

The performance characteristics:

There are many materials can be molded with silicone mold,Suitable for wax, resin, gypsum and other pouring  molding; and it is widely used in the production of wax casting mold,the imitation of works of art and the preparation of production.

The product of copy have high precision and good quality. and it is a complete whole, fully meet the various functions  of  the design needs.

The process is simple, we do not need high-pressure injection machines and other special equipment and easy mold release. The TE-1089 mold of silicon rubber,with excellent softness, strong tensile strength, high temperature resistance , chemical resistance and so on. The mold of Methyl vinyl silicone rubberis high temperature resistance, low temperature elasticity, weather resistance, and there is an excellent electrical properties, excellent physical and mechanical properties, chemical resistance, air permeability, physiological inertia.


The Scope of application:

    The mold is a small batch of production methods,and  the Polyurethane plastic materials are products that produce prototypes or test purposes. The material properties of these parts are close to the final mass production of plastic.We can use the rapid mold method to produce and ordinary steel injection mold produced plastic parts,But between the two compared to the surface texture, color, accuracy and material properties, the former is better than the latterThe rapid mold is an ideal process,And used to produce a small amount of 5 to 100 pieces. It is used to produce small amounts of 5 to 100 pieces, as well as market oriented products, prototypes, test prototypes, or other uses,And usually we can not accept the use of ordinary injection method, whether it is time or cost.

Post time: May-29-2020
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